What is the Difference Between Conventional and Synthetic Motor Oils?

Conventional motor oils are refined from crude oil. The refining process does not eliminate all contaminants from the oil. Car manufacturers accepted the use of conventional motor oils as lubricants because there were no other lubricants available. The contaminants that reside in conventional motor oils contribute toward lubrication breakdown and eventual failure.

Synthetic motor oils have a pure base element that is free from the contaminants found in conventional motor oils. The purity of the synthetic oil base creates greater longevity. Also, being contaminant free, synthetic oils can accept a greater number of helpful additives. The additives that would combine with the contaminants found in conventional oils and cause harm to your engine can benefit the life of your engine when suspended in a pure fluid.

At Valley Imports, we can demonstrate to you the value of synthetic oil at one of our handy auto maintenance locations.

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