Safety First! The Secrets of Gaskets

Have you ever had your car break down at the worst possible time, only to be unable to figure out what the heck the problem is once you take a look? The leading cause of breakdowns in Fargo, ND are caused by blown or failed gaskets. Before you blow a gasket yourself trying to solve this problem, take a moment to get a better understanding of what they’re all about.

Gaskets are basically a type of seal made of flexible steel or copper, designed to stop liquids from escaping or mixing, and keep air in or out of places. They’re vital on the oil pan to keep oil in place while the crankshaft moves, on the intake and exhaust manifests to regulate temperature/air flow and on cylinder heads to pad the gap between the heads and the block.

It’s easy to spot when they’re failing because they crack, let gaps form and get coated in residue. To prevent this from happening so quickly, change your oil and engine fluids regularly and pay attention to engine temperatures. Want to learn more? Visit our auto parts and repair center near you and let our skilled experts share their wisdom with you!

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