Audi A5: Muscle Car for Bosses

Audi is known for its unique blend of luxury, performance, capability, and style. The Audi A5 sport coupe embodies the spirit of Audi's foundational pillars with a modern flair.

The 2018 A5 coupe is clearly aimed at the stylish executive crowd,sporting styling that is both aggressive and authoritative. The A5 has a low and wide stance that establishes its sporting pedigree. The body lines are sharp and muscular, but also clean and elegant, giving the A5 coupe a presence of nobility and strength. The highlight of the exterior styling of the Audi A5 is the signature LED lighting package. Audi was one of the pioneers of full LED lighting, which is evident in the meticulously crafted and well sequenced headlights, tail lamps, and turn signals. The chiseled lenses and beams accent the attitude of the A5 day and night.

The precision crafted styling of the A5 is both subtly aggressive and elegantly muscular, suiting the needs of the thrill seeker and the treasurer alike. Stop by Valley Imports to see the Audi A5 for yourself.



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