Dynamic driving is a process that involves precision and enhanced control. If you want to travel to destinations more efficiently in a way that suits your driving habits, you'll enjoy owning an Audi SQ5.

The SQ5 has different drive modes that influence steering system functions. After you select a drive mode, dynamic steering technology strategically adjusts the vehicle's speed, which modifies the steering ratio. These adjustments provide different results in specific environments. For example, on straight roads, dynamic steering can enhance stability as the SQ5 reaches top speeds and it increases precision when the vehicle drifts around corners.

Because Audi built the dynamic steering system for many common conditions in traditional driving locations, you can easily take advantage of the hardware during a quick test drive. Audi SQ5 vehicles are in stock at Valley Imports and test drives are available. If you schedule a session at our dealership, you'll learn a lot about the SQ5's standard performance features.



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