Do Winter Tires Perform Well in the Summer?

As the weather changes throughout the year, drivers switch out their tires to something a bit safer. But is it really necessary? We here at Valley Imports want you to be informed about your vehicle's seasonal maintenance needs, so here are some reasons why you should never use winter tires during the summer.

While summer and winter tires may look similar, they're vastly different in design. For one, they're made out of a more flexible rubber. The material can conform to icy roads to provide more traction. Winter tires also have weather-specific treads that are designed to reduce wheel slip.

Despite the fact that winter tires are engineered with traction in mind, they can actually diminish your performance during the warmer months. The already flexible material get softer when they're used on hot pavement. As a result, they wear down faster and are at higher risk for damage. Not only is this dangerous for you, but it could also lead to more costly repairs down the line.



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