A luxurious sedan is defined by elegant styling, advanced electronic technology and powerful performance. Listed for sale by Valley Imports, the Mercedes-Benz E 300 has such important qualities.

Standard in this lavish model, the COMAND Navigation System includes the all-new Route-Based Speed Adaptation technology. Depending on the road that you take for your trip, the speedometer will be automatically adjusted to reduce the total travel time. Three years of the Live Traffic service by TomTom is another advanced amenity in the car's navigation platform. You'll receive updates on accidents, roadblocks and other events that impact your commute.

The Mercedes-Benz E 300 has a cutting-edge head-up display that floats above the instrument cluster. Measuring 8 inches wide, this sophisticated visual amenity generates alphanumerical data in several crisp colors. In fact, the vertical position of the HUD is automatically adjusted based on the custom seating position of the person behind the wheel.



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