Being able to tell the type of performance that you can expect in your new vehicle does not have to be difficult. Auto manufacturers do everything they can to indicate which vehicles are made to perform. The new Audi A3 exhibits a sporty, bold, and fun-to-drive aesthetic that you will appreciate from your first glimpse at Valley Imports.

Audi makes sure that customers know that the new A3 is an athletic and capable vehicle through the overall design and the features. The dual exhaust pipes and sweeping lines serve as two examples of what you can get from the Audi A3 sedan, with plenty of other aesthetically pleasing features.

To really drive home the type of athletic vehicle you are driving, you can choose the available Bi-color wheels with the 5-arm design. This uniquely designed wheel set will complete the look of the vehicle in a way that encourages you to take it for a test drive in Fargo, ND.


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