Getting your vehicle down to our service center after every other oil change to get your tires rotated is a wise thing to do that has long-lasting positive benefits. Here are few reasons why tire rotations are crucial to extending their life.

  • Tire rotations help to cause an even wear, which is very important when you need those tires to grip the roads in slick conditions.
  • If you are getting the tires rotated every 5,000 miles or so, then you are helping to extend the overall life of the tires which means you are not going to be buying new tires as frequently.
  • When the tires are rotated and not wearing unevenly, then you won't experience any vibrations or pull in the steering when you are driving the car at high speeds.

At Valley Imports Group, our service technicians will get your vehicle on and off the lift in a timely manner.

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