Audi RS 3: Luxury, Control, and Choices

Audi RS 3 is a popular luxury performance sedan that comes equipped with all-wheel drive, a powerful 2.5L TFSI engine, and two braking platforms to select from. The motor is known for its unique sound.

The quattro all-wheel drive uses technology to feel the road to give you maximum gripping. The system monitors driving conditions, and it will send more power to the rear tires when needed.

The braking options are just as impressive. The standard system is the eight-piston monobloc brake calipers with 370 mm ventilated discs, and the Dynamic plus option are carbon-ceramic front brakes.


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All New Design Featured in the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan

As one of the most unique vehicles on the market today, there is no shortage of style exemplified in the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. This popular compact SUV delivers both expert styling and superior functionality in its dynamic design. Heading into the new year with an updated design, the Tiguan features LED headlights partnered with an Adaptive Front-lighting System (AFS) to provide superior lighting in any road condition. The panoramic sunroof brings the majesty of the great outdoors into the Tiguan with its vistas all accessible with the push of a button. 

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Stay Safe on the Road With the State-of-the-Art Volkswagen Jetta

For Volkswagen engineers, safety is always the top priority. That's why the Volkswagen Jetta, a popular compact sedan, is equipped with a near-unparalleled number of safety features. From the post-collision systems to the stability-enhancing systems, the Jetta has what it takes to keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

In the event of an accident, the Jetta's automatic post-collision braking system helps to mitigate the damage. Collisions don't always bring the car to a stop, so this safety feature automatically triggers the brakes when an accident occurs. 

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Take a Look at These 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander Comfort Features

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander has much to offer those in the market for a reliable SUV. The new model comes with numerous interior, exterior, safety, and comfort features that make it a superior choice among vehicles in its class. To learn more, we invite you to read about some comfort features that come equipped with the new Outlander. 

The new model comes with a FAST-Key feature. With this feature, you have the ability to start and stop the engine by applying the brakes and pressing a button, and you can unlock and lock the SUV without the use of a…

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Make Smartphone Connections Easy in the Mitsubishi Mirage G4

Because of your smartphone, you're familiar with tapping on a screen in order to activate functions and apps. You get the same convenience inside the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 with the available Smart Phone Link Display Audio system that offers a touchscreen measuring up to 7 inches. 

The actual wireless connection to your device is managed either by Apple CarPlay if you own an iPhone or by Android Auto if you own a device that works on the Android operating system. 

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Safety First! The Secrets of Gaskets

Have you ever had your car break down at the worst possible time, only to be unable to figure out what the heck the problem is once you take a look? The leading cause of breakdowns in Fargo, ND are caused by blown or failed gaskets. Before you blow a gasket yourself trying to solve this problem, take a moment to get a better understanding of what they’re all about.

Gaskets are basically a type of seal made of flexible steel or copper, designed to stop liquids from escaping or mixing, and keep air in or out of places…

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How to Pack Your Roadside Emergency Kit the Right Way

Packing your roadside emergency kit the right way begins with the following safety items. Place a few cans of tire fix-a-flat in your kit; it will help to get that tire up off the rim high enough to safely move the vehicle off the road and to the shoulder. Road flares are going to alert distracted drivers they need to slow down because your vehicle is disabled.

Flashlights and new batteries are essential for being able to signal for help and to navigate around the vehicle in the dark. An empty gas can would be good if you ran out…

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What is the Difference Between Conventional and Synthetic Motor Oils?

Conventional motor oils are refined from crude oil. The refining process does not eliminate all contaminants from the oil. Car manufacturers accepted the use of conventional motor oils as lubricants because there were no other lubricants available. The contaminants that reside in conventional motor oils contribute toward lubrication breakdown and eventual failure.

Synthetic motor oils have a pure base element that is free from the contaminants found in conventional motor oils. The purity of the synthetic oil base creates greater longevity. 

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The Importance of Getting Exhaust System Service

The emissions test failed. Now is the time to get the required muffler and exhaust service in Fargo, ND. Here is an introduction of the exhaust system process and why it is important to get your vehicle serviced at our auto service department.

The car exhaust pipe is one of the main systems of the exhaust manifold that helps reduce the amount of noise coming from the engines and limit harmful emissions in the environment. 

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The Importance of Your Brake Pads

Brake pads are an essential part of your brake system. Regular brake pad inspection and replacement helps your car stop safely when you need it to.

When you step on the brake, brake calipers squeeze the brake pads against rotors attached to the wheels. The brake pads supply friction against the wheels, causing your vehicle to slow down. The friction needed to stop your car also causes wear on the brake pads over time. Your brake pads routinely need to be inspected and replaced. 

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