We want to help you understand how to jump start a car at Valley Imports. You never know when a Fargo neighbor might ask you for a jump. Follow our sequence for safety.

Determine your positive and negative jumper cables. Your positive cable will feature red, yellow or a stripe. Carefully clamp one end of your positive cable to the weak battery's positive terminal. Connect this cable to your positive terminal, too. Now, clamp your negative cable to your negative battery terminal.

Never connect the remaining clamp to the weak battery during a jump start. Battery explosions can occur. Instead choose a clean, metal piece under this car's hood. A clamp near the engine block works well. Keep your cables clear of moving parts and fuel systems. Now, start your car. After a couple minutes, the other driver can attempt to start their car. Several failed attempts indicate that the battery needs replacement, or the other driver should pursue repairs.


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